Why Tanning Indoors Is Smarter

Outdoor Tanning: You don't have control!

Depending on the time of year, the sunlight you receive is more or less intense. Gauging this is tricky. 

Are you tanning at the beach, where surrounding sand acts as a reflector for ultraviolet light? Are you in the water, where UV light penetrates beneath the surface more then you might think? Your surroundings affect the intensity of ultraviolet light outdoors. 

Are you in Columbus, Ohio or Miami, Florida or the Caribbean? The intensity of sunlight increases the closer you get to the equator, affecting the amount of time it takes you to sunburn. 

*Weather Conditions
Is it partly cloudy or sunny? Is it overcast or rainy? A significant amount of UV light penetrates through clouds even on an overcast day. But the intensity varies depending on the cloudiness. 

Are you at sea level or in the mountains? Sun intensity is greater at higher altitudes, another factor we can’t gauge accurately outdoors. 

*Ozone layer
Regular changes in the Earth’s ozone layer affect the amount of UV light from the sun that reaches the planet surface. It is impossible to know from day to day how these conditions will change. 

Worry about sunburn
Have you ever spent a day outside only to be surprised at the end of the day by a sunburn? All of the variables listed above make tanning outdoors a guessing game.

We’ve got it indoors!

Indoor tanners enjoy…

You always know exactly what kind of UV light you are getting and exactly how long you will be getting it. It allows you to eliminate all of the variables outdoors, reducing your risk of ever contracting a sunburn. 

You never have to worry about bad weather. It’s always sunny and warm at Bellissima Tans. 

It doesn’t take all day at the beach to get an indoor tan. Depending on your skin, a few quick sessions a week is all it takes to obtain a golden tan. 

Bellissima Tans monitors your progress and advises how you can properly maintain your tan, reducing your risk of ever contracting a sunburn. 

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