Tanning Lotions

Step 1: Accelerating Lotions

Step One products are formulated for tanners with little or no existing tan. Each product delivers essential moisture and nutrients to the skin to help you develop a rich, golden- brown base tan. These products are formulated with unique ingredients which help jump-start the tanning process. Step One products are available in a range of scientifically-based formulas, ranging from classic lotions to bronzers.

Step 2: Maximizing Lotions

Many tanners experience the “Tanning Plateau,” a point when they have developed a base tan but can’t seem to get any darker. When you are unable to advance your tan, we recommend using a step 2 product. Each scientifically designed formulation is designed to optimize UV-response to help you achieve your darkest tan possible. Step 2 products are available in classic, bronzing, Hot Action, and cooling formulas.

Step 3: Extenders / Moisturizers

To complete your tan, Step 3 products help replenish moisture and nutrients lost to the skin during UV-exposure. The use of a step 3 product should follow every tanning session, whether you are in the beginning or advanced stages of tanning. By keeping your skin moisturized and conditioned you will help protect the longevity and radiance of your tan. For best results, use a Step 1 or a Step 2 product during every tanning session, and apply a Step 3 Extender daily after tanning and/or bathing to complete your tanning regimen and lock in results.

Specialty Products

Bellissima Tans offers a vast range of specialty products for both indoor and outdoor use in order to help you supplement your tan and help protect your eyes and skin.

Nail Savers
Protects your nails from UV exposure which can alter their color.

The Tannie
Protects your highlighted hair from UV exposure which can alter its color.

Tattoo Stick SPF 50
Protect your tattoo from fading.

Eye Protection 
Pro Specs, Peepers, and Sunnies eye goggles provide UV protection for your eyes.

Heliotherapy SPF sun protection products protect your skin while OUTDOORS.

Lip Balm
Lip Balm protects vulnerable lips from UV exposure, both indoors and outdoors

Bronzing Powder
Cosmetic powder bronzer enhances tan on your face or body with natural bronze color for any skin type.

Burn Relief
Soothing gel that is best for everyone who wants to extend their tanning results and suffers from temporary over-exposure to UV-light

Sunless Pro Tanning Bronzer
Perfect for touching up Mystic tan areas that are fading.

Daily Moisturizer
Helps prolong the life of your tan.

Daily Moisturizer
Helps prolong the life of your tan.



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